State Agro

Modernizing agriculture and increasing productivity through modern technology expansion, training and field supervision.

State Agro

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State Agribusiness is the largest integrator in Agriculture and Livestock and Fisheries. These businesses have subunits like Crop Protection, Seed, Fertilizer, Agri machineries, and Animal Health. These businesses have glorified presence in Bangladesh.

State Agro supplies crop protection chemicals, Seed supplies Hybrid Rice, vegetable and Maize seeds, Fertilizer Supplies Micronutrient and Foiler fertilizer, Agri machineries supplies Tractors, Power Tiller and Harvester and Animal Health supplies high quality Nutritional, Veterinary and Poultry medicines and vaccines.

State Agribusiness is having strong partnership with national and international R & D companies, universities and research institutions. Before introducing any product, it is elaborately tested in the laboratory and farmers field.

State Agribusiness has a large, knowledgeable and highly skilled Field Force provides training and technical advices to the farmers.

State Agro is significantly contributing to national food security through its Agribusinesses division, which is the leading agricultural integrator of the country. State Agribusinesses is providing complete solution to the farmers need. They are Seeds, Fertilizer, Motors, Crop Care & Public Health, and Animal Health. Farmers have developed confidence in our products for quality and economics. Farmers have also come to expect proper knowledge-based service from our field force.

State Crop Care is also marketing environment friendly ‘Bio-pesticides’ to the conscious farmers, which is a newest addition to its product line. Being a socially responsible company State Agro promotes the proper use of pesticide and makes people conscious about health issues for the sake of farmers as well as the whole country. State Agro is committed to fulfill the growing food demand of the country by modernizing agriculture and increasing productivity through modern technology expansion, training and field supervision.

Product Portfolios

Liquid Insecticide
Granular Insecticide
Powder Insecticide
Sulphur and others

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